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Leading the financial data revolution.
At bluesheets, our mission is to transform the way companies manage their financial data – once and for all.

As business owners and operators, we noticed an increase in the number of tools designed to make business operations 'simpler'. In fact, they were actually making things much harder: creating an underlying mess of financial data that was becoming difficult to consolidate. There needed to be a better solution.

bluesheets was founded in 2020 and is a product of Researchmyusers Pte Ltd. We are helping thousands of companies worldwide reach new heights with real-time financial automation. Our technology is quickly becoming the must-have solution for the financial tech stack. Designed to process the full scope of financial data, our platform is flexible, easy to use and can be customized to suit any industry or company size.

No other solution on the market does what we do: enable businesses, accountants and developers to simply connect their systems and enjoy automated workflows with real time transparency. Just set up once and automate forever - it is that simple.

The numbers speak for themselves

10 thousand+

Companies using bluesheets globally

11 million+

Available financial integrations

10 million+

Data points automated by our AI to date

Meet the team

Christian Schneider

CEO, Co-founder

Clare Leighton

COO, Co-founder

Tobey Maguire

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Willem Dafoe

Role name

James Franco

Role name

Kristen Dunst

Role name

Christian Schneider

CEO, Co-founder

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