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Just set up, sit back and watch your business productivity transform.

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Tailored to any Solution

Whether you're at your desk or on the go, bluesheets empowers you to optimize operations, streamline processes, and make informed decisions effortlessly.

Accessible through both web and mobile platforms, our solution ensures flexibility and convenience, allowing you to stay connected and in control from any device.

100% Automation

bluesheets' platform is powered by our own proprietary fileAI, which instantly automates your workflows

and Currencies

200+ Languages and Currencies supported

Connect and Forget

With 100+ integrations, bluesheets is Integrated with All Major Platforms

No Touch Workflows

Create workflows with a single click of a button


Chat, comment or annotate from any platform

3+ Way Matching

Automate Matching and Reconciliation across your most complex documents

Data Catalog
And Profile

Plug in your integrated solution with absolutely no additional configuration required

Highest Level of Security

Your sensitive data is safeguarded at every level on the bluesheets' platform. We have achieved the highest level of compliance certification in the industry

Multi-Tier Approvals

bluesheets' dynamic workflows let's you setup approvals at any level, across any platform

Tailored to any solution,
at any resolution.


A smart inbox with powerful features for you to increase your accountant to client ratio by 10x.

Finance Teams

Get a real time view of your finances every time you check your preferred tools and eliminate mistakes from your reporting.

Operation Teams

Let bluesheets take care of your financial processes so your staff can focus on things that matter.
Ability to detect over 75 languages and currencies
Proprietary ICR technology

Streamline Communications

Advanced Data Mapping

Approval Workflows

ESG Enabled Expense Management

Data Matching

Perfect Match

Open API

No Code Integration

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