In 30 days, reduce 90% of Manual Handling

  • Reduce operational costs and human errors.
  • Automate tedious processes involving multi-language processes and submission channels.
  • Reduce outsourcing costs and keep all your clients’ data in one place.
  • Ensure regulatory adherence, safeguarding your business during audits and investigations.
  • Process complex forms, supporting document bundles, KYC and more with AI.

Why bluesheets?

High Accuracy

bluesheets' IRIS AI ensures that your Policy and Claims workflows are 99.9% accurate and 100% automated.

Any language & currency

Used by customers across all 7 continents, the bluesheets' platform is compatible with 200+ languages and currencies.

Flexible and dynamic 

Unlike traditional IDP platforms, bluesheets does not require any templates to work.
bluesheets' IRIS AI detects key information automatically, and triggers downstream workflows autonomously. No customization needed.

Our Product

How we enable touchless end-to-end AI workflows

Why do insurance companies choose bluesheets?
  • Achieve new levels of efficiency by moving workflows to the cloud, eliminating bottlenecks caused by traditional processes
  • Achieve incredible data accuracy and transparency by creating a data lake for policy and corresponding claims
  • Optimize your operational efficiency and costs by automating low value tasks
  • Overlay AI capabilities to spot inefficiencies across operations, jurisdictions and regions
  • The strictest data security standards and compliance with privacy regulations
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