Automate your carbon measurement and reporting

  • We enable you to collect data accurately and efficiently.
  • Streamline data collection from diverse sources, including structured and unstructured data formats.
  • Through integration, you have an overview of your organization's ESG performance.
  • Transparency in AI decision-making so you stay compliant.

Why bluesheets?

Rapid Deployment

bluesheets' Automated Data Profiling enables you to setup new integrations and workflows with a single click.


Gain a competitive edge with 
our AI-driven technologies.

Flexible and dynamic 

Unlike traditional IDP platforms, bluesheets does not require any templates to work.
 bluesheets' IRIS AI detects key information automatically, no customization needed.

Our Product

How we enable touchless end-to-end AI workflows

Why CSOs, CFOs and CPOs choose bluesheets?
  • Automate tedious data collection required for scope 1, 2 and 3 reporting
  • Reduce manual effort and time required, allowing staff to focus on what's important for the business
  • Access real-time emissions insights and analysis to support strategic decision-making
  • The strictest data security standards and compliance with privacy regulations
  • Seamlessly syncs with your reporting tools
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Let bluesheets take the manual work out of ESG dataset preparation, reporting and more!