End-to-end automation on the go. Introducing the bluesheets mobile app.

March 22, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the official launch of the bluesheets mobile app, currently available for download on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. From Day One, the bluesheets team has placed users’ real-world problems as the primary focal point of product development, designing products that remedy specific pain points for the modern business user. The new mobile app hence embodies a culmination of cutting-edge digitization technology, intuitive communication, and AI-enhanced productivity, giving users access to bluesheets’ proprietary end-to-end workflow automation technology in the palm of their hand, wherever, whenever.

Key Features

1. On-the-go Document Submissions

With an intuitive camera interface, users can easily capture photographs of forms, documents, invoices, receipts and more, conveniently submitting documents for processing or expense claims on-the-go. With this quick and easy snap-and-go channel for data input, achieve optimal efficiency and effectiveness by channeling all financial flows to one single platform in real time, and gain a consistently accurate view of your business finances.

2. ESG-enabled Expense Claims Submissions

Powered by bluesheets’ proprietary Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) technology with its market-leading 99.5% accuracy and ability to recognize and process over 75 global languages and currencies, employees can simply snap a photograph of their expenses on-the-go to kickstart the claims process. Receipts and invoices are automatically digitized, and claims are processed in real-time regardless of where and when they are submitted. Carbon factor calculations are also run automatically based on variables such as the mode of transportation and distance traveled.

3. Collaborative Bilateral and Multilateral Chats

Consolidate all collaborative document submission workflows across your organization with bilateral and multilateral chats. Beyond their function as a collaborative communication tool, chats in the bluesheets app also double up as document submission channels, enabling efficient and fuss-free document management, providing full transparency and visibility within and across teams.

4. Automated Carbon Calculations

With the growing trend of mandatory sustainability reporting across industries, the bluesheets app gives you a headstart in accountability and transparency, automating carbon factor calculations, as well as the generation and processing of carbon emissions data. bluesheets enables the synchronous processing of financial and ESG data, whereby data is automatically sent to sustainability reporting teams in accordance to Scope 3 reporting requirements in real-time.

5. Simplify Audit & Assurance

Consolidate all workflows comprehensively into one easy-to-use dashboard with audit-ready data-processing trails. Trigger customized forms to collect raw unstructured data for categorization and consolidation in real-time, or upload documents for processing with ease. With all documents automatically indexed and stored on Cloud, secure full assurance and transparency with complete searchability of your source data right at your fingertips. Full reports generated in real time can also be downloaded directly from bluesheets at your convenience.

6. Approval Workflows

Curate and customize your organization’s approval processes with bluesheets. bluesheets supports flexible and multilayered approval workflows, allowing you to receive mobile updates on-the-go and react to approvals with a tap of a button, without any additional logins and add-on processes.

Get Started

Existing bluesheets users can now reach out to your dedicated account manager for exclusive early access to the private beta mobile app, and start uploading documents for processing, chatting with your colleagues, and submitting expenses on-the-go!

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