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bluesheets Earns Featured App Status on Global Xero App Store with Seamless Two-way Integration and Suite of Xero-specific Features

October 05, 2023

bluesheets is proud to announce its newly minted Featured App status on the Xero App Store across all geographies worldwide. Since day one, bluesheets was designed in collaboration with accountants, bookkeepers and finance teams, built towards a seamless integration with Xero that provides users with a wealth of powerful and sophisticated Xero-specific features at their fingertips. As such, its recent appointment as a Featured App is testament to the value that bluesheets’ plug-and-play solution brings to Xero users everywhere.

Xero, with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive capabilities has proven to be a game-changer for accountants and bookkeepers. By connecting their Xero accounts to bluesheets, users can now utilize the power of automation with just two clicks, saving them time and costs, and empowering them to grow their businesses, gather real-time data, and drive exponential business growth. To kickstart your automation journey, here is a sampling of Xero-specific bluesheets features that can help you supercharge your Xero experience:

1. Seamless Mapping of Line Items

With bluesheets, Xero users can effortlessly map individual line items to specific account codes, tracking categories, tax rates, and Xero inventory item codes. Such a level of precision, ease, efficiency and accuracy driven by bluesheets’ proprietary intelligent document processing (IDP) technology, is virtually unattainable through manual data entry. This thus ensures your financial data is categorized and exported effectively and efficiently directly to your Xero ledger.

2. Flexible Document Export

bluesheets also offers market-leading flexibility in document export options. Xero users can choose to export documents as a single header value, multiple line items, or even split them into multiple bills or sales invoices. This distinct adaptability caters to various business needs, allowing you to intricately customize your financial documents according to your needs and preferences.

3. Automated Rounding Error Adjustment

bluesheets equips users with the ability to automatically generate a rounding error adjustment. This feature is extremely valuable in instances where users find a variance between how a supplier calculates tax amounts and Xero's default methods of calculation. With this, bluesheets ensures that users’ financial records are consistently accurate and error-free.

4. Column Concatenation

bluesheets allows users to concatenate data between two columns, for instance ‘Item Code’ and ‘Description’, directly into your bill's line item description. As such there is no longer a need for manual input of data, reducing the risk of manual errors, and enhancing the clarity of detail in your financial records.

5. Streamlined Inventory Management

Managing inventory lists in Xero is also more efficient with bluesheets. Users can easily set up notifications to stay informed with regard to new items purchased that have yet to be added to the corresponding Xero inventory list, ensuring that inventory records are always up to date.

Incorporating bluesheets into your Xero workflow hence not only saves time but also enhances the accuracy and reliability of your financial data. With its distinctly versatile and flexible features, bluesheets caters to the specific and unique needs of your business, enabling you to make informed financial decisions with confidence.

The Featured App status on the Xero App Store highlights bluesheets' commitment to providing exceptional value to Xero users. Whether you're a small business owner or managing a large enterprise, bluesheets is poised to simplify your accounting processes and enhance your overall Xero experience. Schedule a demo and get started with bluesheets today.

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