F&B Multinational Reduces 90% of
Manual Data Entry with bluesheets

Using bluesheets, Guzman y Gomez has reduced up to 90 percent of manual data entry, saved more than 30 days per year on average worth of document processing time, and achieved 100 percent transparency in their financial and resource allocation workflows.


bluesheets automatically receives documents, extracts key data points and exports them to GyG's accounting ledger

Purchase Order

bluesheets integrates with Revel Systems, automatically matching POs with supplier invoices and flagging any discrepancies


bluesheets automatically pulls staff scheduling data from GyG's HR tool, matching business activity to optimize scheduling efforts


bluesheets generates real-time reports, sending them automatically to GyG's internal stakeholders

Multinational F&B Restaurant Franchise

Guzman y Gomez (GyG) is a Mexican F&B restaurant chain based in Australia, with franchise operations across Asia. In Singapore alone, GyG runs 13 outlets islandwide and employs over 700 staff across their corporate back-office and front-of-house operations.

As a medium-sized F&B company, GyG's most significant financial tasks are the handling of transactions with its vendors and customers, as well as the management of payroll for their hundreds of hourly and salaried workers.

Prior to using bluesheets

Manual data entry and analysis
With financial information coming in from multiple different channels, including Gmail, WhatsApp, POS systems and more, GyG had to allocate 4 hours a day per outlet to ensure that information was sufficiently and accurately logged into their accounting system.

Monthly bookkeeping was only closed about 30 days from end-of-month, and reporting occurred periodically, with no opportunity for real-time data analysis.

Key Automation Outcomes

With the primary goal of optimizing time and cost efficiency across all 13 of their Singapore outlets, bluesheets was tasked to automate four aspects of GyG's financial processing:

  • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Entries
  • Purchase Order Matching
  • Schedule Monitoring
  • Performance Reporting


Using the platform's proprietary technologies, bluesheets provides one simple solution for all aforementioned financial processes. Within a short one-week implementation window, bluesheets had implemented the system without any additional setup costs. By seamlessly integrating the tools already used by GyG's employees with bluesheets' intuitive bluesheets web app platform, minimal staff training was required to complete the onboarding process which was finalized within one week.

1. Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Entries

Acting as an intermediary, bluesheets receives all accounts payable and accounts receivable documents. Using bluesheets' proprietary Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) technology, the system automatically extracts and categorizes key data points, then exports it to GyG's accounting ledger already mapped and coded.

To ensure a smooth transition, bluesheets connected to tools which GyG employees were already accustomed to using, like Gmail and WhatsApp. With these integrations in place, GyG employees could simply continue to snap a photo on their smartphones, or upload a file to automatically submit a document for processing in real-time.

Seamless integrating to 100+ different platforms and tools, bluesheets' proprietary software automatically imports, processes and exports data without users having to lift a finger.

2. Purchase Order Matching

Integrating with Revel POS Systems, bluesheets automatically matches purchase orders with the corresponding supplier invoices, flagging any discrepancies down to individual line items in each invoice.

3. Schedule Monitoring

By connecting with GyG's HR tool, bluesheets automatically retrieves GyG's staff scheduling data. This empowers GyG's leaders to optimize human resource allocation, giving them the ability to match business activities with scheduling efforts, monitoring and processing payroll for hundreds of hourly and salaried workers.

4. Real-time Performance Reporting

Combining financial data from GyG’s invoices and financial systems, bluesheets has been able to create and provide real-time reports that are sent automatically to GyG’s internal stakeholders.

“By connecting our systems over bluesheets, we've entirely eliminated the need to build and maintain integrations ourselves. It's been a huge cost savings.”

Josh Bell

Principal, Guzman y Gomez


Reduced data processing time by over 120 hours

With bluesheets now automating the extraction and processing of data workflows from end to end, GyG has been able to cut down over 120 hours per location per month on data entry and analysis. This also allows GyG to close their monthly books 30 days earlier than before.

Optimize human resource allocation

As bluesheets technology automates intensely tedious and manual processes, and provides accurate real-time data to empower informed financial decision-making, GyG is now able to reduce outsourced staffing, and repurpose existing team members to higher value tasks.

Achieve complete data transparency

With over 1500 transactions a day, bluesheets enables GyG's management team to receive real-time business activity reporting daily and gain access to 100% back-office accounting traceability.

Restaurant franchise based in Australia, with franchise operations across Asia.
In Singapore, Guzman y Gomez runs 13 outlets islandwide.

Business Type

F&B Restaurant Franchise



Company Size

700 employees in Singapore

Bluesheets feature highlights

Eliminate manual data entry and analysis
Advanced PO-matching features
End-to-end workflow automation
Real-time business activity reporting

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