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Achieve Significant Cost Savings and more with bluesheets' Smart Inbox Solution

June 1, 2023

Built to provide an accessible and versatile solution to fragmented processes across businesses, bluesheets’ AI-powered Smart Inbox solution consolidates, streamlines and automates workflows for accountants, finance professionals and operations teams from end to end. Requiring just a simple one-time setup, here are the immediate wins your business can achieve with bluesheets’ proprietary Smart Inbox solution.

Automate Repetitious Tasks

By automating the completion of mundane repetitive tasks from start to finish via bluesheets’ Smart Inbox solution, businesses can efficiently optimize the allocation of human resources, saving time and costs whilst enabling employees to focus on higher value tasks.

Seamlessly integrated with 100+ platforms, software and tools including ERP systems, bookkeeping tools, business intelligence software, eCommerce platforms, cloud storage solutions and more, the solution automatically ingests incoming data, digitizing and categorizing it before exporting it to your destination of choice. This plug-and-play solution hence eliminates time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks, lowers operational costs, enhances productivity and negates human-centric errors and inefficiencies with ease.

Achieve Significant Cost Savings

Upon the initial implementation of bluesheets’ Smart Inbox solution, bluesheets’ clients have seen up to 80% cost savings on their financial operations. Beyond the immediate labor costs saved by reassigning intensely manual processes from end to end, businesses have also noticed considerable savings in peripheral expenditure. For instance, resources allocated to service recovery arising from human error are now redundant, whilst with the ease of scaling automation frameworks across use cases are also significantly lower than implementing independent legacy solutions for each use case.

Accelerate International Operations

With the emerging prominence of international markets in the global economy, it is essential that businesses are equipped to communicate and operate in a variety of different languages and currencies. Powered by bluesheets’ Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) technology, the Smart Inbox solution detects, extracts and processes data automatically from digital, scanned and even handwritten documents in up to 75 languages and currencies.

Furthermore, with the normalization of cross-border collaboration, the ability to detect a series of different languages, even when present within a single document, further elevates your business’ efficacy in collaborating with geographically and culturally diverse stakeholders, and acquiring international customers.

Customized Workflows and Communications

With the variation of export formats and file types required not only across different businesses and business functions, but also for each unique use case, the ability to curate workflows, set conditional rules and customize output formats is an essential feature in ensuring the success and effectiveness of implementing automation in businesses. With machine learning elements incorporated into the AI engine behind bluesheets’ Smart Inbox solution, the market-leading technology goes beyond enabling the intricate customization of workflows, and delivering the ability to recognize task-specific patterns and terminology over time.

Streamline Approval Workflows

In industries where volumes of complex and sensitive paperwork are prevalent yet necessary, traditionally manual modes of handling such processes are still commonplace. However, multi-functional and multi-layered approval workflows can often lead to inefficiencies and disorganization across the various points of contact.

Equipped with its aforementioned ICR technology, the bluesheets Smart Inbox solution delivers the ability to establish conditionally automated approvals and multi-layered approval workflows, streamlining processes and consolidating communications. With the bluesheets Mobile App, users can also receive on-the-go notifications on pending approvals and issue one-click approvals, improving transparency and ease across multiple touch points throughout the approval process.

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